Highway 101 … california coast … sundown santa barabra

Blessed Life

Over the last 60 years or so I have developed a wide range of passions. Always the captive of an active mind and a bundle of energy despite life challenges. There is purpose in supporting family, friends, community. Stuck between the cracks are curiosities. Unknown by most who witnessed me age from birth to middleContinue reading “Blessed Life”

Why WordPress

WordPress was an early discovery just after my doctors ordered me to quit working an elevate by legs 20 hours a day at home. Having struggled for decades trying to learn to program I wanted to create a place to archive my avid literature searches across the many proclivities I have. These two life eventsContinue reading “Why WordPress”

Care 4 Rare Outreach

… newsletter|Care4KT (under construction) On this Site are links to resources that I participate in or have used in my own search for information on, or in support of Congenital Vascular Anomalies of which Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome (KT) is one of many. It goes with being born rare. Because so much of medicine thru the yearsContinue reading “Care 4 Rare Outreach”

Renaissance Man

“Renaissance Man” is a label several mentors in my life chose for me. Me, I self-describe as a curious butterfly. The last person to go there was my brain doctor who could have said Attention Deficient Disorder and I would not have flinched. That conversation was easily a Top 5 in my life. The shortContinue reading “Renaissance Man”

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