| The Art of Graciousness |

Borrowed from Serenity’s Quest …

Awakened we intend to smile. Like Spring’s Blooms, ease of graciousness grows best in tended beds -our efforts so keenly measured by Evening’s Looking Glass, as we say “Goodnight.”

Morning’s Ease clouds, should Night’s Pace skip Goodnight. Ghosts awaken while Night presses arguments and fantasies. Suddenly, Sun shields and inspires wonderment.

Morning light brings subtle ease, like tomorrow’s innocence awakening Night’s resting blossoms. Graciousness has constructed her paintings! Hearts’ have tailored emotions! Movements’ have mastered shadows! Dreams have fashioned majestic words.

Yet, Journey shapes unexpected burdens – Mother Nature proving to be her own artist. Ease transforms duty and surprise. Masterpieces peek out from undercover as we prepare for Night’s Goodnight once again.

Evening’s Looking Glass awaits, a Muse to new masterpieces having heard many a Goodnight. Graciousness makes her way towards Goodnight. Ghosts shrink away as Smiles press for satisfaction and inspiration.


revised (2020, April 20)

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